Changing the Faces of Greenville with Next Generation Aesthetic Laser Technologies

BY CINDY KOSOR COO – Beauty Bar Medispa

Cosmetic laser technology is advancing at a fast pace, and as a leader in Medical Aesthetics, it’s critical to stay abreast of trends so as not to end up with obsolete technology. At Beauty Bar Medispa, we are committed to offering next-generation technology to our patients. As the former Vice President of an international medical aesthetic equipment manufacturer, and as Chief Operating Officer at Beauty Bar Medispa, my experience has been extremely beneficial in discerning which technologies will meet the needs of our patients and to offer the world’s leading laser equipment to Greenville.

I have learned that it’s not just about the most affordable option anymore. At Beauty Bar Medispa, we always consider the patients’ experience when researching new laser technology. I have found that patients are looking for faster treatments, but they don’t want to compromise on comfort, and want the least amount of downtime.

Blindly signing up for a laser treatment does not need to be an option for you. The information is at your fingertips, and you can easily do your own research.

For instance, RF Microneedling has become one of the most requested procedures; however, I was reluctant to jump on the trend in the beginning as I knew that there was a need for a more advanced system. When Cartessa launched the Virtue RF Microneedling system, I knew it would be a perfect fit for our practice and our patients.

All RF Microneedling devices are not the same, so when trying to decide which RF Microneedling device is best for you, ask the following questions: 1. What is the wattage of the system? This will determine the system’s power which has a direct effect on the effectiveness and the quality of the results of your treatment. The Virtue RF Microneedling device is 220 Watts.

2. What is the needle delivery system? Solenoid drives more like a staple gun, whereas the Virtue has a Micro-Memory Precision robot making it a much more comfortable and tolerated treatment. 3. What are the depths of the system? This is what makes the treatment customizable. The more depths (low to high) that a system offers, means that it can do a broader range of skin types, as well as making the treatment more customized to the patient. The Virtue has .5mm up to 5mm – most other systems only have 2mm, 3mm and 4mm. 4. Does the system have LED light to add additional treatment benefits? The Virtue has both red and blue light. 5. How many different types of handpieces are offered? Multiple handpieces will maximize patient efficacy, experience and results.

The Virtue has 3 handpieces! • Smart (36-needle handpiece for comfortable treatment of face, hands, and décolleté), • Deep (36-needle handpiece with cooling plate for tightening, smoothing, and advanced body treatments). • Exact (Single-needle handpiece to target around mouth, eyes and jawline with complete precision).

Also, I am very excited to announce that Beauty Bar Medispa has just introduced another new laser technology to our city. After listening to our patients’ request for a more ablative laser without all the downtime, I have discovered that this revolutionary and most advanced CO2 laser technology is the only technology that can perform such a treatment.

The CoolPeel® is unique in that it delivers a fully-ablative treatment like any other CO2 laser, but without causing thermal damage to surrounding tissue. Without thermal damage, downtime is drastically minimized. At the same time, the system delivers impressive superficial, skin-resurfacing results that will minimize the appearance of fine lines, sun damage, pore size, skin texture, and is the best CO2 laser for acne scars, best sun spot removal laser, best laser for dark spots, and best laser for wrinkles.

Cindy Kosor• Chief Operating Officer, Beauty Bar Medispa• Forbes Executive Business Council Member• Greenville-Pitt County Chamber of Commerce Ambassador

Of course, we will be launching this with an incredible introductory special.

Other laser technologies offered at Beauty Bar Medispa are the Halo laser, the Microlaserpeel, Broad Band Light (BBL), Profractional laser, and Painless Laser Hair Removal, along with combination treatments such as our Light & Laser Peel!

Laser treatments offer dramatic, skin-rejuvenating results. There are many laser procedures to choose from, and depending on your skin type, extent of damage you wish to treat, and your available downtime – some laser resurfacing treatments may better suit your needs over another. Beauty Bar Medispa offers complimentary consultations so you can learn about all your options and which technology is best suited to you, your lifestyle, and your budget.

Beauty Bar Medispa is proud to be able to literally change the faces of Greenville! We bring the most advanced technologies to our city as we strive to help people fulfill their aesthetic goals and boost their confidence.