Laser Hair Removal is an effective solution for the reduction of unwanted facial and body hair. It can be used to remove hair from almost anywhere on the body — the upper lip, face, underarms, legs, bikini line, shoulders, chest, nipples, and back.

Laser light releases rapid pulses of energy that penetrate the skin and are drawn to the pigmentation of dark hair follicles. Those follicles selectively absorb and are destroyed by the light energy, leaving surrounding tissue minimally affected. Because the light is attracted to dark pigment in the hair follicle, prime candidates for treatment are individuals with fair skin and dark hair. Those with very dark or tanned skin or blonde or gray hair are not good candidates for the procedure.

Laser hair removal is not intended for removing all hair, but it does significantly reduce the quantity, thickness and pigmentation level of hairs that regenerate in treated areas.


Laser hair removal at Beauty Bar Medispa of Greenville NC

Typical Treatment Time: 30 minutes

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