Beauty Bar Medispa and NC Stop Human Trafficking are slated to begin an innovative partnership on Sept. 1, blending business and advocacy with the ultimate goal of fighting human trafficking.

This close collaboration will include Beauty Bar Medispa providing financial support to NC Stop Human Trafficking’s education and development programs through their pledge to donate $1 for every retail product sold.

Though this partnership includes monetary support, which is a key component in maintaining and expanding programming, Beauty Bar Medispa will also offer awareness information about the reality of human trafficking in North Carolina to each customer.

The business is also taking a profound and impactful step toward providing victims services through offering survivors free medical facials treatments. Many survivors are tattooed by their traffickers through the practice of branding. When the survivor is able to leave the exploitative situation, they are still left with the reminder of the abuse through that tattoo.

“The new owner of Beauty Bar Medispa, Sherri Hill-Coidan, FNP, and I chose NC Stop Human Trafficking because we want to do our part to make a positive difference in our community, bring about awareness and help put an end to this horrific multi-billion dollar industry,” Beauty Bar Medispa Chief Operating Officer, Cindy Kosor said.

“Our entire staff whole-heartedly embraces this endeavor and have eagerly joined the fight against human trafficking! We are all very excited to be a part of such a great cause; which has inspired us to come up with our new credo: Beauty Bar … the Medispa that Gives Back.”

NC Stop Human Trafficking is thrilled with this innovative partnership opportunity, as it will lead increased educational and awareness initiatives, expanded survivor services and a more fully developed anti-human trafficking movement.

“We are humbled and grateful to Beauty Bar Medispa for this wonderful act of selfless support and partnership,” NC Stop Human Trafficking Community Outreach Coordinator, Melinda Sampson said.
“We believe that businesses and nonprofits can come together to create a better world for everyone. This partnership is an example of how we can change our community by joining hands for a common goal and really turn the tides for survivors and also to provide quality programming that will facilitate prevention, awareness and development of the anti-human trafficking movement in North Carolina,” Sampson concluded.

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About NC Stop Human Trafficking

NC Stop Human Trafficking is a statewide advocacy organization located in Pitt County working for a state free of human trafficking. NC Stop Human Trafficking does this through empowering communities to abolish human trafficking. It does this through education programming, coalition development, legislative advocacy and introducing fair trade products into the local market. For more information about NC Stop Human Trafficking, visit