The “EYES” Have It!

The Eyes
I get enough sleep, so why do I look so tired? Is this a question you ask yourself when you go to look in the mirror, and you realize with horror that you’ve got some massive dark circles under your eyes? If lack of sleep is not your issue, below may be some reasons:

What causes dark circles?
You may have your mom to thank for your under-eye darkness…
“Most dark circles are caused by allergies, which can be hereditary”, says Dr. Melissa Beretich, Medical Director at Beauty Bar Medispa. “
Dr. Beretich continues, “More pigment beneath the eyes or slower vascular movement can also contribute to dark circles. Puffiness might be caused by rubbing your eyes a lot or falling asleep with makeup on. Not only are these proponents of wrinkles and breakouts, but they risk irritating your eyes too. Dark circles also often become more visible as you get older. Because the skin under your eyes is so thin and gets even thinner as you age, the blood that’s pooled beneath the surface becomes more obvious. The under-eye area ages faster than the rest of your face because the skin is very thin, and large dark circles, also referred to as hollowness, are the result of losing volume under the eyes.”

Can They Be Prevented?
Your best bet for stopping dark circles before they start is to focus on living a healthy lifestyle. You should definitely avoid things that damage or accelerate aging, like unprotected sun exposure and smoking.

How Can Dark Circles Be Treated?
I recommend a professional eye treatment cream which is specifically formulated for the delicate eye area. At Beauty Bar Medispa we have Eye Creams that contain powerful anti-oxidants to combat free radical damage, neuro-calming peptides to relax the appearance of crow’s feet, skin soothing Bisabolol to alleviate the look of fatigue, caffeine for puffiness, moisture infusing hyaluronic, and skin lightening ingredients for dark spots.

How Do I apply eye cream?
Eye cream should be applied using the ring finger along the orbital bone and not on the eyelids.
It’s best to use the wedding finger because we have less muscle there and it would be less pressure on the delicate skin. Squeeze out a penny size amount of eye cream, enough for both eyes. Then place 4-5 dots of product about a quarter of an inch apart, starting at the outer corner of the eye where crow’s feet would be, and then dab downward along the orbital bone.
You should avoid placing eye cream too close to your eye because the product travels when it warms up with your body temperature. The product will spread within an hour or two, so there’s no need to apply [cream directly] on the soft tissue area.

Puffy Eyes? Fine lines and wrinkles? Dark Circles?
Schedule a complimentary skincare consultation with me to discuss which eye cream is best for you!

Cindy DiCesare, L.E.Cindy DiCesare, L.E. – Beauty Bar Medispa