Gentle exfoliation utilizing mango enzymes and mild glycolic and lactic acids. Includes extractions, no downtime, no peeling, and very hydrating.

An enzyme peel is a non-abrasive skin therapy for patients looking to rejuvenate the skin while being too sensitive for a chemical peel. An enzyme peel is naturally derived from a variety of fruits and helps to refresh the skin for a more youthful appearance. A deep cleansing enzyme peel can treat acne, rosacea and pigmentation issues while improving fine lines or wrinkles by exfoliating the top layers of dead skin cells to expedite cell turnover.

Our Mango Enzyme treatment provide gentle enzymatic exfoliation with a an extremely mild glycolic and lactic acid to remove dead skin cells. Helps smooth uneven, rough textured skin, revives dull looking skin, and Improves the visible signs of sun damage.

Our Enzyme treatment starts with a deep cleanse, exam of the skin, followed by extractions on clogged pores. After a deep cleanse and extractions, the enzyme treatment will be applied and removed with cool towels.
Depending on your skin type and problem areas, our aesthetician will determine the right products and treatment for your skin.