Beauty Bar Medispa provides a wide selection of medical grade facial masks to address a variety of skin conditions. Talk with a Beauty Bar Medispa professional to determine which facial mask treatment can benefit you most. The masks described below are all typically 30 minute treatments.


A Vitamin C Antioxidant Mask is rich in vitamin C and amino acids. Designed to tighten and detoxify the skin, restoring a firm, youthful complexion. Additionally, panthenol (vitamin B5) replenishes calms and soothes sensitive skin, and minimizing redness. Helps fight oxy-radical attacks, detoxifies and tightens skin, minimizes redness, and helps heal and soothe skin.

A B5 Gel Mask is enhanced with a unique complex containing constituents of the skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF). This weekly hydration treatment re-establishes the water balance critical for maintaining skin metabolic functions at optimal levels. Contains high concentrations of hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5, and optimizes moisture infusion in targeted areas. Leaves skin supple and smooth, and ideal for all skin types.

A Glo Forward Mask is a probiotic enzyme treatment that fuses probiotic derived bioactives and plant enzymes to create a youthful, healthy and glowing complexion. Helps exfoliate dead skin cells, hydrates, and combats the visible signs of aging.

A Probiotic Soothing Gel Mask is an ultra-gentle probiotic gel mask instantly refreshes, cools and calms irritation as it infuses the skin with moisture.

A Probiotic Purifying Clay Mask is a calming probiotic clay mask with purifying properties that draw out dirt and oil as it hydrates and nourishes the skin.

A Bio Cellulose Restoring Mask is optimal for sensitive or stressed skin. This highly efficient, supple, sterilized mask creates a protective barrier that helps alleviate discomfort. The unique fibers distribute heat-reducing water to the skin barrier to provide immediate relief. Clinically tested on compromised skin after laser procedures and chemical peels, this mask can also be used as a bi-weekly replenishing treatment.

A Phyto Corrective Mask contains highly-concentrated botanical extracts, a calming dipeptide, and hyaluronic acid to intensively soothe and replenish temporary skin reactivity. This intensive calming facial mask cools on contact, comforts skin sensitivity, and restores natural radiance and smoothness. Clinically tested post-procedure to effectively reduce visual redness and discomfort.

Facial masks at Beauty Bar Medispa in Greenville NC

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