There are many different types of facials, the European being perhaps the most common. A European facial at Beauty Bar Medispa consists of a cleanse, exfoliation, extraction, steam, and massage. In the cleansing phase of European Facials a cleanser is applied to the skin to get rid of surface impurities. Then your skin is analyzed. During this phase, our aesthetician uses a lighted magnifying lamp to examine your skin for possible problem areas and identifies specific qualities of your skin. After this, you are then ready for extraction, which removes black and whiteheads from the skin. After a face and decollete massage, a mask is applied to your face.

Masks are an extremely important aspect of facials. There are masks for a variety of purposes from hydrating to shrinking pores. Masks must be applied to an already cleansed face to allow for deeper penetration and allowed to sit for a period of time depending on the mask. After this, a skin condition specific serum, moisturizer and spf is applied so you leave your facial with protection that lasts for the rest of the day. Approved for pregnant or nursing.

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Beauty Bar Medispa European Facial