You will “C” the Radiance after your first treatment! If you’re looking for an alternative to the typical chemical peel, then try our C-Radiance. This unique formulation directly targets areas of hyperpigmentation and other areas of photo-damage that can prematurely age your skin. The result is a younger, more even, and brighter complexion. As an added bonus, this remarkable treatment facilitates the natural production of collagen to support your skin and reduce wrinkles.

The C-Radiance treatment consists of four to six treatment sessions, 2 weeks apart. The formula consists of glycolic acids and L-ascorbic acid, which are potent ingredients to encourage cell turnover, skin renewal, and skin brightening.

Our Aesthetician will first prepare the skin (cleansing, degreasing and protecting sensitive areas) before applying the C-Radiance treatment, and leaving it on for 2-4 minutes or until erythema (redness) becomes visible, at which point the solution is neutralized with a sodium bicarbonate.

Post treatment, an antioxidant (such as C E Ferulic) followed by a lipid barrier repair cream to replace lost ceramides and cholesterol will be applied.